Armed Battery

Though they were more of a punk act, which I enjoy, but dislike the sameness of it all, I give these guys props for getting the crowd bouncing and moshing to the same effect as Aphasia did before them. They get the seal of approval.

6/19/01 - I got to experience these guys a bit more extensively this past Sunday at JT's. They seem to be a hardcore punk kind of sound. I deffinately enjoyed it. I also give these guys high marks for audience interaction. At one point, they asked how many Revenge of the Nerds movies there were for a free CD.

I also got to talk with them after the show. They seem pretty together and have a love for what they do.

They also said they love the crowds up here in Greenville. The last gig they had (at the last show before we got closed down) they were on the bill after Aphasia. That's a pretty rough band to follow. The audience was tearing shit up already. Then Armed Battery, considering themselves pretty heavy usually at gigs, thought they looked like the wussy band. After about three songs of nobody moving, they thought they were going to get their asses kicked by the rabid crowd. Finally, the audience got into it and started tearing it up as bad as they did for Aphasia and L¥NT that night. Hence, getting my attention.

They have demos available for $2 at shows and I believe through the web site.

/They have also posted some songs on

You can learn more about them here.



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